6-9 mths




Benthe Andersen | +45 25 55 59 00

Python Developer


We are looking for Python Developer for our client in Aarhus.

The overall job is to migrate flask-restful CRUD webservices – about 15 endpoints covering network stuff – from operating on respectively a homegrown MySQL database wrapped in SqlAlchemy and NIPAP (Opensource IPAM) to instead operate on Netbox (opensource DCIM+IPAM).

The webservice also operates on some additional network systems, which will stay the same: Cisco DNA Center, Cisco APIC-EM, Cisco Prime, Cisco ISE, Solarwinds.

In addition endpoints for the DCIM objects not previously present in the MySQL db, will also need to be added.

The overall purpose of the webservices is to implement business logic on top of the bare backend systems, so that the client’s rules and standards are observed, and provide an abstraction for customers, so that changes in backend systems will not impose changes to the API. Business logic will developed by the client, however the framework and structure around the API needs attention, and it may also be that limited business logic will done by the consultant.

In addition to this, there is a small UI (python flask, wtforms, jquery, bootstrap etc etc) which ideally also needs to be expanded to cover the newer DCIM objects. UI skills would also be very nice.

The client build their stuff containerized in Azure Devops (but have yet to get an onprem k8s setup).

Period: Starting ASAP – 6-9 months
Location: Aarhus – combination of onsite and remote