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Jumpstart is a shortcut for customers who miss IT talent and future core employees and for candidates who are passionate about having an IT career and who would like a helping hand to get off to a good start. At People-IT, we are passionate about the good match.

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Did you also get asked what you wanted to be when you grew up when you were a child? Maybe you answered something like princess, astronaut or superhero because it seemed so obvious. We understand if the answer has become less obvious, the closer to “getting big” you have come. And the answer is not necessarily delivered with the same certainty anymore. Perhaps because the possibilities are so many that you neither know for sure what they are called, nor how to find them and which doors to knock on.

Experience, test and develop yourself – keep the freedom to have doubts

Jumpstart is for you who have recently finished your education and are ready to start your career in IT. If your heart beats for a digital career, Jumpstart is a help to get started.

With Jumpstart, we give you the starting cables you can use to power your career. We are opening the door to an exciting company, where you can test and develop your skills for a period of 6-12 months before a permanent job. We share our IT network with you, give you good advice and back-and-forth and help you create connections with like-minded people – professionally and socially.

You gain the freedom to have doubts about whether the permanent job you accept is the right one for you. Choose correctly because you know your colleagues and your manager and because you know how your skills fit your role.

Is Jumpstart for me?

Do you write code as if it were your native language? Do you take the data base more seriously than most? Perhaps you are more likely to be the one who coordinates that everyone reaches the finish line together and on time? Or maybe you understand how to help people accept technological change? There are more opportunities in IT than you might think, and we are happy to help you find your way into the industry.

Jumpstart is both for tech-savvy specialists, the coordinating people connoisseur and everything in between. The most important thing is that you are passionate about IT, technology and digitalisation. We can help you to know more about how exactly your skills can create value in a company.

“When you come from the university with a science education that is not directly related to IT, it is incredibly difficult to imagine how you can contribute. People-IT has opened a door to this world and has given me exciting career opportunities I had no idea existed just a few years ago.”


Frederik, formerly Jumpstarter


“I mean that we have received the best training you can get! We had a long time in the role, so we had complete control over it. The transition to my new role was gradual and therefore very natural. I felt super well dressed and ready to move on, and ready to take more responsibility and get my own projects. And then it was safe to be employed permanently in a place I already knew so well, and where I fully understood the role I was entering.”


Julie, formerly Jumpstarter


Learn more about your professional and personal strengths

We understand that you are more committed, motivated and curious than you are experienced. That is clear. Together we’ll talk about what you dream about. We learn how the skills you already have can form the foundation for achieving your dreams.


Together, we tailor your CV so that it can catch attention from the company that needs you. We explore your personal profile and help you become wiser about where your strengths and challenges are.


We have 20 years of experience in finding, qualifying and matching IT consultants with companies both across the country and globally. We have a large network in the industry and broad professional expertise. We bring the experience when we talk to you, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.


We offer you…

In addition to exceptional work experience and career clarity, we would like to give you as much as possible from Jumpstart. We plan a course that suits you and the company. You will be well dressed to get started, and we will continuously evaluate. We organize professional and social events that both make you more knowledgeable about the industry and give you relevant connections that you can benefit from for the rest of your career. If you want, we will find a personal mentor who can act as a sparring partner at the start of your career.


As a Jumpstart candidate, you will be a salaried employee at People-IT during the period where you try out the company. The salary is competitive with holiday pay and sick pay, but without pension. If you and the company agree that the match is right after the 6–12-month period, we are available for sparring when you need to negotiate the final agreement.



Shall we have a chat about what you dream about?

Send us your CV and we’ll set up a conversation. You can always reach out to Louise by email lb@people-it.com or by phone +45 25 55 59 32.

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Jumpstart is your shortcut to the latest IT talents

There is a large reservoir of competence hidden in those who have just left school to take their knowledge and curiosity into the business world. Even so, it can be difficult to see how you as a company can get hold of the right people, whose skills and personality will flourish and contribute to the IT development at your place.

With Jumpstart, we share our large network, experience and IT expertise with you, to make sure that we find and match the right candidates for your organization. Quite simply, you can meet and work with an IT talent for a period of 6-12 months. After this, you are free to hire the candidate permanently if the match is right.

We are passionate about finding the best match and draw on our 20 years of experience from the IT industry, where we have found IT freelancers for customers from both all over the country and global. Good, personal collaboration is important to us, and it is central that we work with people. In addition to understanding the technical skills you need; we focus on understanding your culture and way of working together. We believe it provides professional, personal and accurate matches.

People-IT has been good at finding profiles that we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. They get involved and spend time getting to know us and our needs. This means that they can match us with profiles that suit our way of working – even if they are new and different profiles than we are “used to”.

People-IT is present all the way through, and we are therefore completely comfortable collaborating with them and throwing ourselves into new initiatives like this. There has been really good professional back-and-forth in relation to how the process should be organised, and they regularly hold events, status meetings and check-ins to ensure that the collaboration is going well. Both for us and the candidate. Should there be any challenges, they also take care of that.

All in all, we have gained an enormous amount from this collaboration, and it has created great value for the entire organization to bring in new, “different” profiles via People-IT.

Christoffer & Lea – Portfolio Management, Vestas Wind Systems A/S


Making the wrong hire is expensive

We know that hiring the wrong people, can be expensive. You probably know that too – perhaps from bitter experience. With Jumpstart, you can hire the right people because you have experienced their professional strengths and their role in the team before making an agreement on full-time employment.

For a period of 6-12 months, we agree on an hourly price for a Jumpstart candidate that includes the candidate’s salary and our fee. The candidate is employed by us on a salary contract. After the agreed period, you are free to employ the candidate – we do not offer any hidden fees!

The price includes the time we spend getting to know you, the search process and the presentation of a selection of relevant candidates for you to choose from.

Fresh knowledge, ready to work

The newly educated and qualified IT talent can, in addition to great courage and a desire to learn in their new role, contribute with fresh perspectives and new eyes on your existing tasks. Still, there is obviously much to learn.

We make a great effort to mature the candidate and equip the individual to start in the workplace. How we do it depends on the candidate and the culture of your company.

Although the candidate comes with the latest knowledge from his/her education, specific certifications or courses may be needed. It can, for example, be PRINCE2, Scrum Master, ADKAR or an ISTQB certification. We have good connections in our broad network of IT specialists who can organize courses. If it is relevant to you, we will have a conversation about how it can be included in the process and into the hourly price.

Let’s have a chat

If this sounds like something for you, we are always available for a chat about Jumpstart. Finally, reach out to Louise by email lb@people-it.com or by phone +45 25 55 59 32.

You are welcome to contact us, you will find our contact details via the link.

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