People-IT and aHOC become a nationwide consultancy

11. December 2018

The IT-consultancies People-IT with head office in Kolding and aHOC in Glostrup has become one company and together we now have offices in both Jutland and on Zealand. The C2IT concern, which also owns People-IT, has taken over the controlling interest in aHOC and in the future we will be able to deliver an even better service to the existing customers, as well as offer our skilled consultants more exciting and challenging tasks.

aHOC is a consultancy which is established by a merge of Sketenty A/S and Datavision A/S and thereby a continuation of the original companies’ cultures and values. The 4 present owners of aHOC continues as partners and as a part of the group of owners in the new People-IT/aHOC.

People-IT is a part of the IT-concern C2IT, who has head office in Kolding. Today People-IT primarily has customers and consultants in Jutland. The customer portfolio exists preferably of big industrial customers, who today all gets operated from offices in Kolding and Aarhus.

So far, we continue in the present setup with two self-employed companies and will integrate as it makes sense to customers, consultants, employees and collaborators. Ketty Jepsen continues as manager in aHOC A/S and Benthe Andersen continues as manger in People-IT and is simultaneously responsible for the new total business.

aHOC and People-IT supplements each other on many essential points:

  • Nationwide company. aHOC primarily has customers and consultants on Zealand, and People-IT has equivalent in Jutland. The new company has with one stroke become nationwide.
  • Wider customer focus. aHOCs primarily customer portfolio is public, financial and Telco customers, where People-IT’s focus is primarily on private industrial customers.
  • Doubling of customer- and consultant base. The width of competence and the number of consultants, that we can offer our customers, gets significantly increased. Simultaneously, our consultants get access to a wider range of exciting customers and tasks.
  • Quality and flexibility still pride of place. The core value in the two companies is very alike and gives forward a guarantee of quality-conscious and careful handling of both customers and consultants nationwide.

We are looking very much forward to present the new setup to our customers and consultants in both companies.

By question you’re welcome to contact:

CEO Benthe Andersen – People-IT – mobile +45 25 55 59 00
CEO Ketty Jepsen – aHOC – mobile +45 40 77 60 30
CEO Carsten Sixhøi – C2IT – mobile +45 25 55 59 99